Never Thought



This poem is a cross between the angst of an Alanis Morissette lyric ala Dr. Seuss.

When summer is over

and winter has come

the sky coloured gray

and the world turned glum


When the air is cold

and trees stripped bare

but wait, where are you?

that’s right, you’re not here!


Are you under a rock?

Are you climbing a tree?

Are you up in the sky?

Are you swept out to sea?


Where are you, nomad

Oh where might you be?

You outstayed your limit

and no longer love me


I gave you my home

and gave you my heart

the one thing you turned out

to be was un-smart


Roses and diamonds

were the gifts that you gave

with poems and promises

for your conscience to save


Treat me like garbage

like you did all the rest

guess I wasn’t the one

that you loved best


Such pain you caused me

destruction and ravage

on your impulsive binge

me collateral damage


You love me, you miss me

you tell me you’ve changed!

you tell me you’re sorry

and your life’s rearranged!


Your actions and words

they just don’t agree

so for heaven’s sake now

just let me be!


Go away!

Go away I say!

You’re not wanted here now,

You’re just in the way!


I don’t care anymore!

around you I won’t revolve!

I’m strong again!

I’ve built great resolve!


I’ve finally emerged

from in my dark bed

don’t bother returning

to me, you’re now dead


You come crawling to me

your face you now switch

and now I don’t want you!

ain’t karma a bitch?

2016 – lmgiannone.com


Can You See Me?


Turn the Page


Standing on this precipice

considering my life

will I fall or will I soar?

is this the end

or only the beginning?

there are more chapters

haven’t reached my denouement

plenty of time for a plot twist

it’s time to forget the past

and turn the page

never to look back

copyright 2016-12-10-L.M.Giannone


Bits and Pieces


I’ve penned yet another series, this time on Wattpad.


Debuting last week, Bits and Pieces is a collection of poetry which is extracted directly out of my life and relationships. About a quarter of the poems originally appeared on Scriggler, and the remainder were written specifically for this series.


Subscription is free! If you already follow me on Scriggler, Niume, Channillo, or my blog, please consider following here too, as well as toss votes my way and interact with me directly on wattpad. My wattpad user name is @lmgiannone.


As my two Channillo series wind down this month, I am penning two new series in addition to Bits and Pieces. One will appear on Wattpad at the end of the first quarter of 2017 and the other one on Channillo, target for January 2017.


Updates will appear on my blog or twitter feed.


Fire of Aries


Aries Woman


God of War, fueled by fire

Full of passion and desire

Bursting with energy, often impulsive

Quick and hot tempered, reactions explosive

Wild as a warrior, turned on by the chase

Always in pursuit, never stays in one place

Stubbornly independent, bold and reckless

Easily inpatient, bored and restless

Ravishing, enchanting, personality to allure

Magnetic, charming, male willpower can’t endure

Assertive, dominant, and sexually aggressive

Passionate, uninhibited, provocative, and obsessive

Impetuous, generous, erudite, and smart

Diamonds are the way to a female Ram’s heart

To capture her’s a challenge, an opponent formidable

Frequently elusive, exasperating and unpredictable

Fiercely loyal with undying devotion

Both strong and sensitive, full gamut of emotion

When you love an Aries, hold onto her tight

And prepare for an exciting, unforgettable flight

Copyright 2016-3-24 – L.M. Giannone



Between Hello and Goodbye


Stuck between hello and goodbye

Incapacitated in this stasis

Unable to move forward

Unable to reverse time

Uncertain where to go from here

In limbo neither here nor there

Excitement replaced with sorrow

Denial delaying the inevitable

Pain made worse by immobility

Choosing between being alone while together

Or simply just being alone


©2016-8-12- L.M. Giannone


Scent of You (haiku)


Lingering mornings

Bathed in scent of you

Passion’s dewy glow


Copyright 2016-6-18-L.M.Giannone


Perchance to Dream


Entering realm of REM

Feeling light and free

Moving without limbs

Soaring falling free

In a world without limits

Freed subconscious mind

Collaborating with conscious

Breaking ties that bind

Embarking on a journey

Passenger on a ride

Through a fanciful world

Full of wondrous surprise

Images and symbols

Random elements in dreams

Open to interpretation

Nothing’s what it seems

Turn the key unlocking secrets

Once kept behind closed doors

Peer inside a window

Truth revealed evermore

Sojourn nearing end

In wakeful tendency

Now the dream is over

Back to reality


Copyright 2016-3-24- L.M. Giannone



Thought of You (Haiku)


The thought of you near

My body trembles inside

Awaiting your touch



Al pensiero di te vicino a mi,

il mio corpo trema

aspettando il tuo tocco.


Copyright 2016-6-18-L.M.Giannone





If you’re longing for an escape

Away from eternal monotony

To embark on a grand adventure

With boundless possibility

It’s right here at your fingertips

Doesn’t require the cost of fare

Nor usage of mileage points

Nor traveling through the air

No insulting pseudo-class systems

No need for expensive upgrades

No baggage limits or overweight fees

Nor TSA security delays

Plenty of legroom and armrests

And freedom to move through the cabin

The entire world is your playground

No barriers impede your destination

Just sit back in an oversized armchair

Alone in your own private nook

With a library card as your passport

Just you and an engrossing book


© 2016-7-21- L.M. Giannone



Sweet Nothings (Haiku)

Tangel-1402789__180ake me in your arms

And never let me go

Whisper sweet nothings

Copyright 2016-6-18-L.M.Giannone