Bits and Pieces


I’ve penned yet another series, this time on Wattpad.


Debuting last week, Bits and Pieces is a collection of poetry which is extracted directly out of my life and relationships. About a quarter of the poems originally appeared on Scriggler, and the remainder were written specifically for this series.


Subscription is free! If you already follow me on Scriggler, Niume, Channillo, or my blog, please consider following here too, as well as toss votes my way and interact with me directly on wattpad. My wattpad user name is @lmgiannone.


As my two Channillo series wind down this month, I am penning two new series in addition to Bits and Pieces. One will appear on Wattpad at the end of the first quarter of 2017 and the other one on Channillo, target for January 2017.


Updates will appear on my blog or twitter feed.

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