**WARNING: mild erotica**


There once was a boy

Much younger than me

Needing to get laid

Turns out he wasn’t free


Unhappy at home

Unsatisfied in bed

Soon couldn’t get him

Out of my head


Considered the idea

Torn right from wrong

Had feelings of guilt

‘Til he whipped out his schlong


Eyes agog, heart aflutter

No man more endowed

An object of pure beauty

On first sight I bowed


He awakened something

Long dormant inside

Now feelings for him

No longer can hide


Sparking transformation

With the seed that he sowed

Neither planned nor expected

Unsure it will grow


Captured by his spell

A slave to his charms

I’m putty in his hands

And captive in his arms


Attracted to his body

Intrigued by his mind

Inspired by his spirit

Two souls of one kind


His dexterous fingers

Strum me like a guitar

I sing his notes while

He plays chords of my heart


Can’t ignore this attraction

His being dominates my mind

To me, he’s such a distraction

To us, I hope destiny’s kind

Copyright 2016-1-2 – L.M. Giannone


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