Fire of Aries


Aries Woman


God of War, fueled by fire

Full of passion and desire

Bursting with energy, often impulsive

Quick and hot tempered, reactions explosive

Wild as a warrior, turned on by the chase

Always in pursuit, never stays in one place

Stubbornly independent, bold and reckless

Easily inpatient, bored and restless

Ravishing, enchanting, personality to allure

Magnetic, charming, male willpower can’t endure

Assertive, dominant, and sexually aggressive

Passionate, uninhibited, provocative, and obsessive

Impetuous, generous, erudite, and smart

Diamonds are the way to a female Ram’s heart

To capture her’s a challenge, an opponent formidable

Frequently elusive, exasperating and unpredictable

Fiercely loyal with undying devotion

Both strong and sensitive, full gamut of emotion

When you love an Aries, hold onto her tight

And prepare for an exciting, unforgettable flight

Copyright 2016-3-24 – L.M. Giannone


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