This poem is a cross between the angst of an Alanis Morissette lyric ala Dr. Seuss.

When summer is over

and winter has come

the sky coloured gray

and the world turned glum


When the air is cold

and trees stripped bare

but wait, where are you?

that’s right, you’re not here!


Are you under a rock?

Are you climbing a tree?

Are you up in the sky?

Are you swept out to sea?


Where are you, nomad

Oh where might you be?

You outstayed your limit

and no longer love me


I gave you my home

and gave you my heart

the one thing you turned out

to be was un-smart


Roses and diamonds

were the gifts that you gave

with poems and promises

for your conscience to save


Treat me like garbage

like you did all the rest

guess I wasn’t the one

that you loved best


Such pain you caused me

destruction and ravage

on your impulsive binge

me collateral damage


You love me, you miss me

you tell me you’ve changed!

you tell me you’re sorry

and your life’s rearranged!


Your actions and words

they just don’t agree

so for heaven’s sake now

just let me be!


Go away!

Go away I say!

You’re not wanted here now,

You’re just in the way!


I don’t care anymore!

around you I won’t revolve!

I’m strong again!

I’ve built great resolve!


I’ve finally emerged

from in my dark bed

don’t bother returning

to me, you’re now dead


You come crawling to me

your face you now switch

and now I don’t want you!

ain’t karma a bitch?

2016 – lmgiannone.com

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