Fade to Gray


Pillow dangling over the edge

of your side of the bed

indentation in the satin sheets

where you used to lie

My dreams have been

forced into exile

Held captive

transformed into nightmares

Tossing, turning, and shifting

provides no relief

I know if I fall asleep

when I wake I’ll find you gone

Disappeared into the night

like a faded dream

Outside the window

the moon hangs in obscurity

Cloaked by the gray of dawn

What I’d give for one more kiss

Before you go into that good night

I imagine your voice

close right here beside me

Your touch still etched on my skin

imprinted in my heart

I’ll recede, melting away like an icicle

in the thaw of spring

Until we meet again

on the other side


©2016-9-16 – L.M.Giannone




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