Wearing a smile

While hurting inside

Craving solitude

You withdraw and hide

Eyes full of passion

Now filled with sadness

Your radiance dimmed

Surrounded by madness

Like the tide of the ocean

Your mood ebbs and flows

Victim of past demons

And scars you only know

Craving due solace

Full of despair and pain

You turn to your guitar

And play a sad refrain

As you further retreat

Into your own private hell

My pain increases

A state I know so well

Burdened by undue guilt

Accepting conditions as fate

Causing self-destruction

Unaware it’s not too late

While you strum your guitar

My heart strings gently break

Watching you suffer

Is difficult to take

Kept at arms’ length

My feelings deflected

Vulnerability revealed

Emotions affected

The atonal melody you play

Modulated by change in chord

Staccato notes can be softened

When we work in accord

Together we’ll alter destiny

A happier riff you will play

In my arms you’ll know comfort

And in my heart you’ll stay

Copyright 2016-01-L.M.Giannone

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