Seasons of You


Spring is a season unbound

blooming with a wealth of possibilities

for us to pursue our mutual desires

with feelings of great intensity

April showers lave the past

clearing a path for new memories

it’s a time of renewed hope

flowers abloom

sweet smell of orange blossoms permeate the air

both giddy with butterflies inside

excited by novelty and anticipation


Summer blazes wild like an inferno

our attraction smolders deeply

feeding an impetuous flame

your kisses are warm and tender

giving way to more fervent urges

wrapped in each other’s arms

our bodies entwined as one

indiscernible where you end and I begin

with synchronized pulses we dive to warmer depths

swimming in bottomless oceans

wrapped in each other’s scent

drowning in tidal crests of unbridled fervor

drenched in passion’s dewy glow


Autumn heralds the onset of brisk air

our cheeks flushed in a crimson glow

swells of wind shake the trees

propelling leaves to swirl and dance about

blanketing the ground in golds and reds

deposited like shreds of confetti

brushed and kicked underfoot

only to be raked and thrown away

growing restless with ennui

you leave our cave to hunt and gather

to satisfy your insatiable appetite

whilst I prefer hibernating by the fire

something in the wind forebodes demise


now we arrive at the winter of our discontent

the denouement of our narrative

brilliant colors of fall have long faded to gray

autumn’s harvest frozen into sharp icicles

hanging precariously from the roof’s eave

Accompanied by a blistery chill

we’re skating on thin ice now

gliding delicately over pockets of water not yet frozen

danger sign unheeded by two not quite ready to cede

only evading the inevitable

at risk of drowning and losing ourselves

dependent on an ice fisher to rescue what remains

numb with frostbite,

our hearts frozen in time

like marshmallows melting away in cups of cocoa

leaving behind only wispy white trails

an audience of snowmen crying crystallized tears

footprints where we trudged through the drift

snow blanketed over by a flurry of newly fallen snow

erasing any trace of you and I

waning to a mere crescent

the moon casts a harsh shadow

across our barren landscape

retreating off stage as our swan song ends

Mother Nature priming to repeat her cycle

toting her bag full of tricks

she’s such a fickle woman

Nights will be frigid without you

after you’ve moved on to warmer climes

the jagged edges of your fractured soul

extricated to break the heart of another

as soon as the warm weather thaw

I shall face the spring again

Copyright 2016-5-18- L.M.Giannone


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