Rubies crimson red

Sapphires indigo blue

Emeralds pure green

Deep dark royal hue

Amethysts of lavender

Pearls translucent white

Draped against my skin

Triple strands my hearts delight

Twenty-four carat diamonds

Blinded by their facets

Stones of cut and quality

Enamored of their assets

Dripping head to toe in jewels

Glowing in their decadence

Sparkle and glisten in the light

Shining with such radiance

But I would trade all these gems

To be with you awhile

These baubles pale in comparison

To the brilliance of your smile

When I’m wrapped in your arms

Your lips on mine pure bliss

For I’d be the richest girl of all

From the golden wealth of your kiss


Copyright 2016-6-14- L.M. Giannone


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