Don’t Give Up


For B–


I was never so scared

As I was that Thursday night in May

When we almost lost you


Just when I’d found you

Just when I was resurfacing from darkness

Finding renewed hope and optimism


You unwittingly infiltrated my heart and soul

With one word, one look, one touch

You conquered me right from hello


Like a vice your hold on my heart’s tight

My mind so pleasantly distracted

Wrapping yourself around my heart

Enveloping me in your warmth

Comforting and protecting

Understanding and trusting


Telling me I knock your socks off

And you couldn’t forget me if you tried

But you have the same effect on me

And so much more


My biggest fan and supporter

Believing in me when I didn’t

Without you I’d be less than half of what I am


With unparalleled intelligence, wit and charm

Creativity, eloquence and sense of humor

Limitless dreams, aspirations and imagination

You’ve brought a smile to my face and laughter to my soul


With delicate care and support

A respect and kindness no one else has shown

Your emerald eyes pierce right through me

Melting me into malleable pools only you can shape


Like a renaissance artist

Your colours bleed from your palette

Painted across my heart’s blank canvas


You found your way inside me

Checked in and took residence

Quickly spreading your roots

Feeding my soul with your minerals

Allowing my dormant branches to bloom


I swim in your ocean

and drown in your sea

Drinking you in has left me inebriated


You turned my world concave

Turning me upside down and right side up again

I’ve become dizzy and unable to find the ground

It’s futile to fight against the force of your essence


You carried me when I was weak

When the rest had long abandoned

My life’s been kissed by your radiant sunlight


I’ve so blessed to know you

To have you in my corner

The wind behind my sails

The force that inspires me to continue

Making me want to live and fight


The road ahead for you will be difficult

And the journey longer than you’d like

There will be challenges and set backs

But we’ll face them together

Combining our strength to fight our demons

Two are much stronger than one


There is light on the horizon

If only you reach for it

Please don’t give up on life

I’m here with you every step of the way


Copyright – L.M. Giannone – 2016-05-28

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