candy-962526__180Mr. Peddler, what have you in your cart of wares?

Something I can use, something you can share?

I’m not feeling too well, and need a remedy

Have you an antidote, a pill for what ails me?


Mr. Peddler, I beg you, I’m in need of a fixer

Have you a potion, a cure, or elixir?

You see, Mr. Peddler, there’s a fire ‘neath my hips

A yearning desire to taste his sweet lips

My appetite’s hungry, my body aches

Need intervention before my heart breaks

I know what’ll happen, I’ve been here before

And I don’t desire to be hurt anymore

So please, Mr. Peddler, won’t you hear my plea

Consider my case, won’t you please help me


©2016-9-16 L.M.Giannone


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