Review-Don’t Forget to Write

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Don’t Forget to Write, by Sarah Warman, is a collection of biographical essays all related to Sarah’s experiences in becoming and being an adult, running the gamut of high school years, moving out on her own, first job, love, and loss. The essays are quick to read and delightful! They’re also humorous, highly relatable, insightful, heart-warming and most of all for me, nostalgic.

Although I enjoyed all of Sarah’s essays, one of my personal favorites is “I Hate Running Skirts”. It had me laughing so hard. I’m from a generation where culottes were popular, and boy am I glad that fad went out of style (or has it?). Luckily, I attended public high school and didn’t have to deal with the strict dress codes of a private school. But I had friends who did, so it was a delight to read. My other favorite was “Lifeguard”, a summer job where Sarah feared she would actually have to save someone’s life. I enjoyed her voice in this piece, both comical and personal.

Other favorites of mine are “Leaving a Legacy” and “Losing Control”, both insightful essays that deal with the concern of what our lives would mean after we’re gone, and the more serious issue of personal loss that Sarah endured and transcended.

I enjoyed this title immensely and am looking forward to reading her latest title, Don’t Forget Me.


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