Pictures of you

Are all that remain

Tears on my face

Trails of salty stain

Like a weeping willow

My branches scrape ground

I’m lost here without you

So needing to be found

You turned off your light

I’m afraid of the dark

It’s so cold without you

You made quite a mark

Needing to hibernate

And return to your shell

For space and solitude

At least for a spell

Shut out for closing in

On me slammed the door

Not even a goodbye

Or at least a what for

Introverted and loner

Isolation you crave

Away from madding crowd

For your sanity to save

Efforts to save

Were all made in vain

Now memories and regrets

Are all that remain

Had no idea how fragile

And uncomfortable you are

From the safety of your cocoon

Pulled out way too far

Wanting to help you

So damaged and broken

But you ran into hiding

Leaving so much unspoken

There’s a void in my heart

Where you once occupied

For a moment my lifeline

Now part of me’s died

No more mornings

Nor last thing at night

My special friend

and my partner in crime

You have no idea

How special you are

Beauty inside and out

In spite of deep scars

I shall never forget

The gifts that you gave

With profound impact

It’s me that was saved

Better for knowing you

Improvement from before

Better version of myself

Not ready to close door

We built quite a bond

A connection we shared

When you’re ready

Know I’m still here

Copyright 2016-1-31 – L.M.Giannone

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