The Girl With the Blue Umbrella – Heather Awad

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Being familiar with and adoring Heather’s poetry on Channillo, I quickly snagged a copy when I learned she also wrote a book. As a new poet, I’m so inspired by Heather’s gift for observation and free verse. It was refreshing to discover that good poetry doesn’t have to rhyme or have a sing-songy tempo. Heather paints beautiful vignettes that are so relatable to the reader. She has the unique ability to draw the reader in and take us with her on journeys, while enveloping us with warm hugs. Poems in The Girl With The Blue Umbrella will elicit smiles, pull on your heart strings, invoke childhood memories, and stretch your imagination. While I liked all of the poems, my particular favorites were Manner of Speech, where Heather uses metaphor and all five senses to liken attraction to the consumption of food, “the sound of his voice like food for the hungry air. Swallowing his words and devouring each spoken breath and delicious reverberation.. I simply cannot stop inhaling his every fragrant word”, Blues and Gold, where she uses metaphors of painting and fire to describe a relationship “where you begin and I end like paint belongs to canvas never will this hue diminish blues and gold surround us”, and the melancholy Blue Sky, “I can wake up tomorrow and it will be the next day farther from this one full of intrinsic belief that the sky inside my heart will be blue no matter what”. I’m eagerly anticipating her forthcoming title coming this fall. I’m honored to have read this collection and profoundly impacted by Heather’s gift for verse. Bravo!

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