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Leaves of Change

sf_autumn-grapeleavesThe cool crisp air of autumn

a harbinger of change

Trees shed their leaves

falling in vortex spirals

dancing across the sky

passengers of windy swells

skipping thru the landscape

swirling and drifting to the ground

scattered like orange and gold gems,

red and yellow confetti dusting,

become soft carpeting underfoot

carrying stories of a life once lived

now at its culmination



kicked and tossed aside,

pile up, jump in and get lost

hibernating ‘til spring


©2016-09-28- L.M. Giannone


What If?

gulls-1370979__180What if time stood still

And nothing ever changed

If no one ever touched us

And we remained the same


What if the sun would never set

And the moon would never rise

Would the tides remain still

And nothing ever die


What if we could protect ourselves

And hibernate in a safe place

With only our arms around us

Wrapped in a warm embrace


What if karma was more kind

From burden and care we’d be free

What if those who tried to keep us down

Would relent and just let us be


What if we weren’t actors

Playing parts in this grand play

What if we didn’t stay on script

And ad-libbed lines our own way


What if we weren’t pawns

In this stalemated chess game

What if we were a Monet painting

Unrestricted from canvas and frame


What if we had all the time in the world

And we knew what everything was for

All those could haves, should haves, and might have beens

Wouldn’t matter anymore


What if we had met sooner or later

What if we’d never met at all

What would we be like now?

If we didn’t touch or fall


What if we altered destiny’s plan

And broke free from its cosmic force

Yank away from fate and gravity

And put ourselves on a new course


What if the wind was always at our backs

And the sun always shone in our face

Like two graceful birds gliding across the sky

Let’s take flight and together leave this place


©2016-1-2 – L.M. Giannone

Tidal Wave

ocean-918999__340Large waves crashing over me

Pounding on the shore

Drag me in their undertow

Deafened by their roar


Swimming in your ocean

Intoxicated by your presence

Spelunking through your caverns

Drowning in your essence

Quickly losing buoyancy

Sinking out of view

Water occupies my lungs

Weighed by anchor of you

Coastal winds picking up

I swim against the current

Caught up in your riptide

Attraction growing fervent

Drifting farther out to sea

Away from safety’s reach

Wishing for a life line

Or rescue boat to beach

It’s futile to fight a tidal wave

Its size is too immense

Overwhelmed by your profound effect

My feelings are so intense

If we cannot be together

Then release the ties that bind

And leave me lying on the shore

For another beachcomber to find


Copyright 2016-4-21- L.M. Giannone

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