I can taste the flavor of bourbon

on your tongue

and I know it will fade

just like a scar

all it will take is a little time

and a lot of intoxication



Let Me Be




incarceration ,

a cell from which I can’t break free

if only I could reduce my sentence

get out early on good behaviour

relegated to this solitary confinement

dreams of you slip like sand

through my wanton fingers

while I sit in this hole and rot

melting away

all that’s left now is sorrow

how I long to see

the stars twinkle in the sky,

the sun rise and fall on the horizon,

the moon’s crazy effect on the tides

my senses starved,

my spirit held captive,

my soul lost,

a permanent resident

in this purgatory of my own making

with only room for memories of you

these prison bars are impenetrable

with iron shackles around my heart

I scar inside

my breath becomes shorter

my chest grows hollow

tears flow down my face

my heart bleeds crimson pools

until I expire


©2016-10-3- L.M.Giannone




puppet-1069107__340Standing back from these burning embers

Ashes that once represented my life

Once filled with blissful happiness

Now pain cuts my soul like a knife

With a great big hole in my heart

A space you once occupied

From grief of your loss

I’ve ached, mourned and cried

You wouldn’t see it through

Started but couldn’t finish

Re-opening fragile wounds

Preventing pain to diminish

An incessant, irresistible tease

So artfully come and go

Lead me on then disappear

Like tidal ebb and flow

Only fantasies provide refuge

The sole private space we can steal

The one place I can be with you

Where your other one just isn’t real

The fog will someday dissipate

At tunnel’s end there’ll be light

Both recovery and transcendence

Are in my near future’s sight

I thought I could be stronger

For your affection I can’t compete

I give up and say Uncle

Back down and claim defeat

And abandon this illusion

Pretending that we’re real

Stop this pain from compounding

Allowing my heart to feel

Now release my heart strings

And end your marionette show

I’ll no longer perform for you

Make your choice or let me go

 Copyright 2016-4-24- L.M. Giannone




imagesa0s52r9pHow long will it be before my heart will beat again?

When will this blue blood stop coursing through my veins?

This arrhythmic pulse grows weary


When will I be able to hear a song

Read a passage

Or breathe without thinking of you

Wondering if you’re okay

If you miss me as much as I miss you


When will I stop seeing you on busy sidewalks

In stairwells

On subways

Or in my dreams?


When will I be able to tune out your voice

Echoing through the space between my ears?

When will your soul unoccupy my heart

Allowing room for someone else?


Our conversations keep replaying in my head

Like a record needle stuck in a worn-out groove

Faint glimpses of a spectre that won’t stop haunting me

Torturing and taunting me

Memories that won’t set me free

Stopping me cold in my tracks


If I can still smell you

Taste you

And touch you

Then why do I still feel so numb?


Copyright 2016-5-31- L.M. Giannone

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