Tidal Wave

ocean-918999__340Large waves crashing over me

Pounding on the shore

Drag me in their undertow

Deafened by their roar


Swimming in your ocean

Intoxicated by your presence

Spelunking through your caverns

Drowning in your essence

Quickly losing buoyancy

Sinking out of view

Water occupies my lungs

Weighed by anchor of you

Coastal winds picking up

I swim against the current

Caught up in your riptide

Attraction growing fervent

Drifting farther out to sea

Away from safety’s reach

Wishing for a life line

Or rescue boat to beach

It’s futile to fight a tidal wave

Its size is too immense

Overwhelmed by your profound effect

My feelings are so intense

If we cannot be together

Then release the ties that bind

And leave me lying on the shore

For another beachcomber to find


Copyright 2016-4-21- L.M. Giannone

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absinthe2Just when I’d given up hope

Had all but packed my bags

Heading down the road to isolation

I encountered an unexpected surprise

Standing in the crossroads


Like a piece of broken sea glass

Long abandoned on the shore

You combed my beach and found me

Softening my jagged, broken edges

‘Til I shone like a prism reflecting your light


With unwitting ease you broke down my barriers

Infiltrated my electrified iron walls

Using the skill of a master locksmith

To break my heart’s combination


A prisoner in the past

Held hostage in a suit of armour

Rusty tears poured down my face

Cascading into vast deep seas

But you navigated my choppy waters

Like the most adept of seamen


The enveloping fog now lifted

Sun light peeks through my shadow’s shroud

Only you can traverse this wilderness

And explore my land full of wonder


With a match you ignited a spark

A flame fueled by your presence

Smoldering uncontrollably

Pleading to be stoked

Only you can extinguish this conflagration


Your touch on my skin

Makes me tingle inside

To see, feel, smell, and taste you

My senses on overload

This longing grows fervent

Your soul taunts my appetite


Your lips drink me in

Like a glass of exotic absinthe

Sweet anise lingers on your tongue

I share your every drop

To quench my insatiable thirst

And nourish my hungry soul


You enter my hidden spaces

Diving inside my warm caverns

Exploring my nooks and crannies

Ravishing me with tender kisses


Tongues twirling and dancing in a frenzy

Dangling on the edge of desire

You’re the harmony to my melody

Moving in unison as one and the same

Hearts pulsing in synchronized cadence


Midnight long sessions and lingering mornings

Bathed in each other’s scent

Soaking in passion’s dewy glow

Leave me out of breath wanting more



Copyright 2016-6-14- Lisa M. Giannone



duneDunes shift as clouds of sand skip through the air

Across this vast arid desert you’re a welcoming oasis

Your water beckons me to imbibe

And quench my insatiable thirst

Drinking you in to the point of inebriation

Planting my stake in this barren region

To tame your wilderness

Worn down fighting a vortex

Overheated with hungry desire

As we succumb to corporeal pleasures

Even the pharaohs are envious

The Sphinx a watchful voyeur

Two sets of footprints in the sand

No longer desolate or alone