inside the hearth

flickering colours

flames of orange and red


what began as a spark

now blazing like a burning inferno

the space between us decreasing

emanating heat

highly charged with electricity

ready to ignite and spread

like uncontrollable wildfire

a blaze which can’t be extinguished

we’re like moths drawn to a flame

our hearts beat to its music

incessant ache,

unyielding quake,

burning deep,

as I kiss the fiery bourbon from your warm, sweet lips

moving back and forth,

merging as one

mingling fluids,

on the verge of spontaneous combustion

melting like Dali clocks




sounds of the blaze echoing our passion

flesh burning in pleasurable agony,

Emitting a soft orange glow


©2016-9-28- L.M. Giannone

Ode to Joe

coffee-983955__340In a moment of relaxation,

in an instant of solitude

A hot cup of coffee is a welcome companion

Joe’s a friend who doesn’t require conversation

Nor manners respect or reciprocation

No awkward silences

Or exhausting chitchat

Just peace and quiet

So often need that

Light or medium roast

Lattes velvet smooth

Smoky nutty flavors

To comfort and soothe

Soft as a pair of mittens

Cozy as a fleece blanket

Warm as a hand muff

Calming as a sunset

Relaxing by the fire

With New York Times or book

Or while mindlessly humming

A tune with a catchy hook

Espresso, cappuccino

Classic Italian delights

Dunking Stella d’Oro toasts

Sweet anisette bites

Just me and Joe

For a brief moment in time

He’s a faithful friend

Both reliable and sublime


©2016-7-21- L.M. Giannone






Filled with endless doubt

Of the talent inside you

Yet that’s all I see






black-972372__340Your voice, scent, touch

Thoughts of you inside my head

Leave me distracted






Longing to touch you

Thoughts of your lips kissing mine

A most pleasant dream


Desiderio di toccare,

pensieri della tua labra,

un sogno piu piacevole


Copyright 2016 L.M.Giannone