Review: The Lovely Brush by Heather Awad

Here’s a copy of my Amazon and Goodreads Review for The Lovely Brush, the latest poetry collection from Heather Awad.

Heather Awad’s latest collection of poetry, The Lovely Brush, is introspective, insightful, thought-provoking, highly relatable, and thoroughly delightful! Awad has a keen ability to paint beautiful pictures with her words, using vivid descriptions and wonderful metaphors. The Lovely Brush is an enjoyable follow-up to her debut collection, The Girl with The Blue Umbrella. I highly recommend this book! — L.M.Giannone, Author

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The happiest, and consequently, the saddest day of my life, on the beach I shall never forget.


Specks of black and gold

Under the blanket

Where we made love

Footprints in the sand

Surf pulsing

Tide washes away

Any remnants of you and I

Broken seaglass along the shore

Sand dollar not worth a dime

Cracked in pieces

Pummeled into dust

Dunes of sand

Grains spiral and dissipate into the air

Hearts made of shells

Crushed underfoot

Abandoned tide pools

Castles crumble dissolving into their moats

Sun suspends on the horizon

For a moment time stands still

Then slowly descends

With one final kiss

Waves break in rhythm

Stronger grows the riptide

Pulled farther away

Out to sea


Copyright 2016-1-31- L.M. Giannone


tree-753069__1801The welcome state of solitude

to be myself and free

necessary route of escape

only place I can be me

away from external chaos

with all its noise and clamor

whilst beeps, whistles, ringtones, alarms

beat in my head like a hammer

drowning in all the cacophony

thoughts so muted and muffled

trampled on and over by masses

losing myself in the shuffle

to hide myself away from sight

in seclusion of private space

quiet moments in resounding splendor

away from life’s frenetic pace

a cave where I can hibernate

away from pressure and expectation

no need for pretense and put up a front

a welcome respite of contemplation

a cave where I can hibernate

where I can be alone with me

enjoying silence, peace and calm

to think, breathe and just be

 © 2016-7-21- L.M. Giannone