background-313566__340out of the darkest corners,

and most remote regions,

from behind the shadows,

and dustiest cobwebs,

my reliable companion,

through my highest highs and lowest lows

guiding me

appearing when least expected

doing what you do

just being yourself

the only way you know how to be


my muse,

my inspiration,

the fire in my eyes,

the wind behind my sails,

pushing me to lengths and depths

I never thought possible

your alluring green eyes

pierce straight through my heart

driving me to the boundaries of ecstasy,

my motivation,

illuminating my path,



opening doors, ever the gentleman,

your subtle ethereal presence

omnipresent in its influence

yet soft as a tender kiss

the stimulus behind my achievements

your influence knows no bounds

such a profound impact

to see,



and sense you,

extending my hands to capture you

preventing you from slipping like sand

through my ravenous fingers


©2016-10-12- L.M. Giannone





Like an expert level Sudoku

Or New York Times crossword

The puzzling cube of Rubik

Or the oddities of Ripley

An enigma wrapped in a riddle

A mystery without a clue

A combination with no key

Secrets wrapped in a shroud

Peeling back your skin like an onion

Exposing a myriad of complex layers

Uncovering little by little

Discovering the whole of you


©2016-9-16- L.M. Giannone






inside the hearth

flickering colours

flames of orange and red


what began as a spark

now blazing like a burning inferno

the space between us decreasing

emanating heat

highly charged with electricity

ready to ignite and spread

like uncontrollable wildfire

a blaze which can’t be extinguished

we’re like moths drawn to a flame

our hearts beat to its music

incessant ache,

unyielding quake,

burning deep,

as I kiss the fiery bourbon from your warm, sweet lips

moving back and forth,

merging as one

mingling fluids,

on the verge of spontaneous combustion

melting like Dali clocks




sounds of the blaze echoing our passion

flesh burning in pleasurable agony,

Emitting a soft orange glow


©2016-9-28- L.M. Giannone