incarceration ,

a cell from which I can’t break free

if only I could reduce my sentence

get out early on good behaviour

relegated to this solitary confinement

dreams of you slip like sand

through my wanton fingers

while I sit in this hole and rot

melting away

all that’s left now is sorrow

how I long to see

the stars twinkle in the sky,

the sun rise and fall on the horizon,

the moon’s crazy effect on the tides

my senses starved,

my spirit held captive,

my soul lost,

a permanent resident

in this purgatory of my own making

with only room for memories of you

these prison bars are impenetrable

with iron shackles around my heart

I scar inside

my breath becomes shorter

my chest grows hollow

tears flow down my face

my heart bleeds crimson pools

until I expire


©2016-10-3- L.M.Giannone