there’s a hopping crowd

across the street

a band plays music

with salsa beat

people enjoying

laughs and smiles

I haven’t had those

for quite awhile

If I could only

join that crowd

the din for me

is way too loud

I much prefer

the sounds of silence

peace, quiet,

and independence

sitting alone

in this quiet room

a place of dark,

despair and gloom

facing the wall

with vacant stare

Limbs unable to

move anywhere

fatigue and pain’s

all in my head

to leave this cocoon would

cause such dread

a hollowness forms

inside my chest

I inhale, exhale

with shallow breath

for usual interests

there’s no motivation

instead crave solitude

and isolation

from cacophony and chaos

I have to escape

withdrawing inward

for sanity’s sake

my body’s heavy

from lethargy

overwhelmed by nothing

is this my elegy?

in silence I suffer

hiding mood swings

at the top of my lungs

i wish I could sing

and get it all out

a cathartic release

so hopelessness and sorrow

may someday decrease





Haiku: Breath


When I’m around you

I’m unable to focus

You leave me breathless


pair-418697__1801Breath Away

Upon seeing you now

you take my breath away

Like no one before



The sound of your breath

As you sleep here beside me

Soothes and comforts me


Il rumore del tuo respire

quando mi dormi

accanto mi calmi e confortarmi


Copyright 2016-10-5-L.M.Giannone




candy-962526__180Mr. Peddler, what have you in your cart of wares?

Something I can use, something you can share?

I’m not feeling too well, and need a remedy

Have you an antidote, a pill for what ails me?


Mr. Peddler, I beg you, I’m in need of a fixer

Have you a potion, a cure, or elixir?

You see, Mr. Peddler, there’s a fire ‘neath my hips

A yearning desire to taste his sweet lips

My appetite’s hungry, my body aches

Need intervention before my heart breaks

I know what’ll happen, I’ve been here before

And I don’t desire to be hurt anymore

So please, Mr. Peddler, won’t you hear my plea

Consider my case, won’t you please help me


©2016-9-16 L.M.Giannone