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L.M. Giannone is a writer living in San Francisco.


candy-962526__180Mr. Peddler, what have you in your cart of wares?

Something I can use, something you can share?

I’m not feeling too well, and need a remedy

Have you an antidote, a pill for what ails me?


Mr. Peddler, I beg you, I’m in need of a fixer

Have you a potion, a cure, or elixir?

You see, Mr. Peddler, there’s a fire ‘neath my hips

A yearning desire to taste his sweet lips

My appetite’s hungry, my body aches

Need intervention before my heart breaks

I know what’ll happen, I’ve been here before

And I don’t desire to be hurt anymore

So please, Mr. Peddler, won’t you hear my plea

Consider my case, won’t you please help me


©2016-9-16 L.M.Giannone


Leaves of Change

sf_autumn-grapeleavesThe cool crisp air of autumn

a harbinger of change

Trees shed their leaves

falling in vortex spirals

dancing across the sky

passengers of windy swells

skipping thru the landscape

swirling and drifting to the ground

scattered like orange and gold gems,

red and yellow confetti dusting,

become soft carpeting underfoot

carrying stories of a life once lived

now at its culmination



kicked and tossed aside,

pile up, jump in and get lost

hibernating ‘til spring


©2016-09-28- L.M. Giannone